Make sure your mustache/beard is dry, then first push the wax up on the inside fingernail of your index finger, and then rub it between your thumb and index finger till the wax has warmed, is slightly tacky, and is easy to apply.  Then apply using your index finger and thumb working back and forth making sure to fully saturate your stache, work it through a few times rolling your fingers back and forth to evenly distribute the wax, making it one even color, and then shape. This is for a hard hold mustache style aka handlebars, Dalis, and shaped competition staches/beards. 

For a softer hold on your beard push the wax up on the fingernail of your index finger, then put the wax in your opposite palm and rub palm and fingertips together till it forms a light coat then apply with fingertips or palm depending on what part of the beard it is, for a lighter stache hold,  rub your palm  with your index finger that you pushed the wax out with and apply lighter coat on stache with thumb and index finger and brush or shape to desired shape.